• I was member of an early Sabah Society expedition to the unexplored and lost world of Maliau Basin in the heart of Borneo. The expedition was 10 grueling days with heavy jungle trekking every day! My endurance was tested, but I didn’t give up. I do translation works with the same high spirit. Hiking – Maliau Basin...
  • A diver’s life depends on the reliability of their diving gear! I am a Dive Master and am used to scrutinizing and checking my gear, and the gear of my dive buddy, meticulously, before every dive, as our life depends on it. I apply the same attention to detail to every translation. Diving – Sipadan Island...
  • I have climbed this mountain so many times – each time with vigor and enthusiasm. You can expect I do the same with your translation!

    Gunung Kinabalu menyapu awan. Gunung tertinggi di Malaysia, dan di Asia Tenggara.
    Mount Kinabalu, sweeping the clouds. It is the highest mountain in Malaysia, and Southeast Asia.

    Climbing – Mount Kinabalu...


Welcome… to maiTranslation

I am Maria Salim, a full-time translator certified by the Malaysian National Institute of Translation (ITNM) with over ten years of English-Malay translation experiences. I am a native speaker of Bahasa Melayu (Malay) and Iban, and an expert user of English. I am a citizen of Malaysia but I have lived and studied in several parts of Europe and America. This valuable phase of my life has helped me understand the cultural nuances of differences languages. I also amassed much experience during my years of service in an English-dominated corporate world, giving me a mature perception of, and hands-on experience in the various areas of business and industry. I have a Master of Business Administration (MBA), and have extensive experiences in business and management, I can teach, I know about banking and finance, transportation business, oil and gas, and IT related industry, environment and conservation. My teams of translators are ready to perform a wide range of translation services including texts that require specialized technical, legal, medical, scientific, engineering, business, financial, marketing, IT, and other terminology. I also provide subtitling service for the motion picture industry, and I translate books!

Translation service for other languages include; Arabic, Danish, Iban, Mandarin, and Tamil.

Document Translation

maiTranslation is the perfect solution for any kind of document translation including translation of annual reports, technical manuals, employee handbooks and manuals, birth certificates, diplomas and transcripts, business cards, driver’s licenses, passports, immunization cards, marriage and divorce certificates, police clearances, death certificates, wills, medical documents, police reports and much more… Read more>>

Technical Translation

Many think that “technical” simply means “special” in the sense that a special vocabulary is involved, requiring a translator to understand a specific field of study or a craft. Usually the term is understood not to be the same as “Legal Translation” or “Medical Translation,” which are really specialties of their own.. Read more>>

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